Co-Financing our Future is a peer-to-peer event for impact financiers. Traditional and impact driven financiers come together in a secure ecosystem to discuss co-financing structures.

Industry leading speakers take the stage to inspire and provide deeper insight. It is the event to broaden your network and collaborate towards creating greater impact together. Co-Financing our Future was founded in 2019 by a group of leading Dutch Impact financiers, Circle Economy and ABN AMRO and takes place at Circl in Amsterdam.

How do we achieve more cooperation?

The CoFoF events allow Impact-financiers to explore collaborative opportunities together. In particular by sharing concrete investment opportunities and discussing co-financing structures and consortia. In an ecosystem created especially for this purpose, best case practices are discussed to inspire to do more impact investments. Interactive workshops and presentations deal with relevant themes and cases that push impact-investing in the Netherlands forward.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to become more impactful. Financiers play a crucial role. More impact starts with more cooperation. Co-Financing our Future facilitates cooperation, by enabling impact and traditional financiers to explore how they can finance more impactful companies through better cooperation. And thus jointly achieving a more sustainable future.

Next Event

CoFoF 5

20 May 2020
Venue: Circl, Amsterdam
More information to be announced soon.

24 september 2020

Terugblik Co-FoF 3 – Terugkijken op de hoogtepunten en foto’s

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17 juli 2020

Terugblik Co-FoF 2 – samenvatting van de hoogtepunten en foto’s.

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31 juli 2020

Co-FoF 1: start van een nieuw peer-to-peer ecosysteem voor traditionele en impact gedreven financiers

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