To finance more impact companies in all growth phases, better cooperation between traditional and impact investors is essential. CoFoF connects and offers impact investors the opportunity to discuss collaborations in consortia and co-financing structures in a private ecosystem.

How does this collaboration work?

Co-Financing our Future allows for a secure environment for impact financiers to share data and explore potential opportunities amongst one another. Many of these potential opportunities would not be possible without this open dialogue and sharing data between parties. In turn, we are able to form these greater alliances to undertake cooperative investments. In an ecosystem specially created for this purpose, the most optimal outcomes are discussed with the aim of encouraging each other to make impact investments. Our future is something we all share. Interactive workshops and presentations deal with relevant themes and cases that bring impact-investing Netherlands one step ahead.


Our philosophy

Our perpetual mission is to make impact investing the new normal. Changing the tide in investor behaviour plays a crucial role, rewriting how and why impact investing is so important starts with collaboration. Co-Financing our Future facilitates collaboration, by enabling impact and traditional investors to explore how they can finance more impactful companies through better collaboration. And thus jointly achieve a more sustainable future.